lantern replacements

People are going off cheap, nasty and ugly roof lanterns and we are being asked more and more for large one piece all glass rooflights to replace their tired old fashioned and pastiche roof lanterns.

It is a design that more and more people are hating, too many roof bars to ruin the inside/outside view , take forever to heat up the room as you have to heat all the ‘dead space’ of the roof lantern. They also gather too much heat as they stick up and will overheat even when the sun is at a low level and can often ruin the view from a bedroom or landing with the roof lantern sticking up creating a visible barrier into the garden.

In truth getting the detail correct on lantern replacement projects is critical.

our promise

Ofset will

  • Carry out pre installation site survey to gauge/measure the job.
  • Remove/dispose of your old roof lantern
  • Install new timber firings to create a 5 degree fall on the kerb
  • Manufacture a ‘one piece’ Blade rooflight
  • Fully install with the use of mobile crane
  • Re finish roof covering around kerb if possible.

costing overview

Be aware each element of the project carries a cost and will all add up if you are keen on a lantern replacement project and the bigger the rooflight is the more the cost obviously.

So we do not waste time here is a real lantern replacement cost to give you a guide. The bigger the new rooflight the more expensive it gets obviously!

  • Remove/dispose of old roof lantern £295 exc vat
  • Add timber ‘add-on’s to existing kerb to create 5 degree fall £495 exc vat
  • 4000 x 2000 external kerb size one piece rooflight to replace lantern £7495 exc vat
  • Delivery, mobile crane, glass suckers, full installation £1895 exc vat
  • Clients will need to get roofer in to re finish external roof/kerb covering £3-400
  • Clients will need to get plasterer in to re finish inside plaster for perfect frameless look £2-300

don’t just take our word for it

Here is an amazing project we completed for a lovely family in East London.

  1. Remove ugly old roof lantern and dispose.
  2. Install timber firrings to create 5 degree fall.
  3. Manufacture large ‘one piece’ rooflight with no joins.
  4. Install with the use of mobile crane and extra large glass suckers.
  5. Re finish roof felting on outside.
  6. Client = happy bunnies !!

Read review here.

Rooflight installed in record time

We had an old leaky roof lantern which was letting in drafts and snails. We now have a beautiful new rooflight installed in record time. The space feels so much bigger and it is already noticeably warmer in the kitchen now.

I was mulling over needing to replace it over the Christmas break and after some googling found Ofset, sent them an email on boxing day and Ziggy called me the same day, which I was not expecting and he did not need to do. Two months later we now have a rooflight, would have been sooner but turns out it rains in February in England, who knew?! Even though it is not their fault the team dealt with each rain delay (twice in total) very professionally and rescheduled.

Thanks so much we love it! Great team and great communication.

6 Mar 2024

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what are you waiting for?

But these stunning rooflights especially in ‘one piece’ design are the modern design, literally a perfect design statement for modern living. Blade rooflights are next level quality and design wise, you will absolutely love them!

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Easy from start to finish

‘I must admit, from start to finish, Ziggy and the whole team at ofset made this
experience so easy from start to finish. My vision was brought into reality with the
ease of delivery and installation by Mark, Jack and Reece. Thank you everyone at
ofset, the service was excellent and I cannot recommend them enough. Dream it,
do it. Well done to everyone involved.’

Gursharon B
9 Nov 2023

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