one piece or multi-sectional dream extra large rooflights

any size any shape any colour anywhere

We can design and supply your dream super large ‘one-piece’ Blade rooflights.

Up to 6000×3200 super large bespoke rooflights in ‘one piece double or triple glazed floating rooflights. No joins, just a beautiful vista of floating glass. Or up to an incredible 6400×6000 in multi-sectional larger rooflights supported by super strong toughened laminated glass beams.
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‘They look great and a fantastic service.’
Nick Cassidy.
Ideal design ltd

bespoke extra-large skylights for
both flat roofs and pitched.

These types of jumbo-sized skylights are very heavy, so the frames come unglazed, and then we crane the glass onto the extra-large bespoke rooflight frames and structurally bond the large skylight frames and glass on-site. We are experts and specialists in big rooflight design, manufacture, craning and skylight installation.

Contact Ofset to begin a conversation about bespoke oversized roof lights and skylights for your house extension or new build home.

Let’s talk big blades

‘Unique design, great service and the only company able to give me a reasonable quote for the size of rooflight I wanted.’
John L.

big & beautiful bespoke blade rooflights

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bigger ‘bad-ass’ blade rooflight video

large blade rooflights can be configured in an array of cool options including triangular and circular rooflights.

You choose the size, colour or shape of your extra-large rooflights. Select between solar control glass and different tints to make your bespoke bigger blade rooflight unique for your amazing build. We will tailor your large bespoke rooflight(s) to your project-specific needs. Simply e-mail or call to discuss super large bespoke blade rooflights. We are the #no1 supplier of large bespoke rooflights in the UK.







ofset supports reforestation

Here at Ofset, we take our responsibility to sustainable business incredibly seriously and are always looking at ways to reduce the impact of our business on the environment and create positive change.

As a show of our commitment to sustainable practices, we are delighted to be partnering with One Tree Planted to support their global reforestation programme.

This initiative means that for every product sold, five trees will be planted, so every time you buy from Ofset, you will be helping to make the world a little bit greener.

Buying a rooflight never felt so good...

one-piece dream jumbo-sized glass rooflight

If we can cut a shape out of a 6000mm x 3200mm piece of glass you can have that one-piece dream jumbo-sized glass rooflight. Simple.

Or you can have multi-sectional rooflights supported by gloriously beautiful toughened/laminated glass beams.

let’s talk big blades

Extra large rooflights for London, bespoke extra large rooflights for the Home Counties and over sized rooflights for all mainland UK.

We will happily install our beautiful Blade rooflights anywhere.

Ofset will design, manufacture, crane and install super sized large rooflights in London and beyond. We design and install extra large rooflights in London and throughout the Uk. We are happy to supply our jumbo-sized rooflights from London to Leicester to Liverpool and literally to Lanarkshire. If you are looking for the prettiest and most robust jumbo-sized rooflights please contact Ofset rooflights today.

let’s talk big blades