How Much Does It Cost To Install A Skylight UK?

Published: 12th June 2023

Really worthwhile taking a few minutes to read if you are considering buying roof lights…

In today’s era of space modernisation and the desire for abundant natural light, skylights have become an incredibly popular choice.

Whether you’re planning a loft conversion or a kitchen extension, the possibilities are endless when it comes to incorporating skylights into your space. Not only do they bring in an ample amount of natural light, but they also contribute to energy efficiency, leading to reduced energy bills.

In this blog, we will delve into the topic of skylight installation costs, providing valuable insights and information for those considering this illuminating addition to their home or office.

What is the cost of Installing a skylight?

This is a tricky question. Rooflight prices will vary, predominantly affected by size. For small to medium size roof lights, our Blade Lite product is a brilliant option and with larger bespoke sizes, our Blade roof light is the perfect ‘framed’ product. Please do not confuse our amazing products with poor quality, low-grade ‘non-framed’ products available on the market today. Having a thermally broken frame is critical for the long-term durability of our amazing roof lights and, thus, the lengthy warranties unequalled in the industry by our competitors.

Blade Lite roof lights can cost between £600 exc vat and £2500 exc vat, and Blade products are considerably more for super large jumbo-sized roof lights.

As roof light sizes increase, so will the glass specification and, thus, the installation cost.

Glass Specification

As a rule of thumb, the bigger the product, the thicker the glass. Some jumbo-sized ‘one piece’ roof lights need 12-15mm top glass panels and up to 23.5mm toughened/laminated bottom glass panels. That’s seriously high specification and obviously pretty heavy. When we quote, we will advise of the weight of the roof light, which it would be advisable to consult with your engineer/architect before we install. Better safe than sorry.

Blade Rooflight Costs

Large Blade roof lights also will incur additional costs involved for bespoke specialist transport, mobile cranes and super large multi-pad glass suckers needed for craning the glass into situ.

For example, an extra large Blade roof light could cost £4-£15k exc vat, possibly even more, and then you would still need to allow for delivery/crane/glass suckers/full skylight installation project, which could add £1500-£2500 exc vat to the price. Geographical location will also affect the skylight cost as sometimes, due to site location, we will need to travel the day before installing a skylight window, and charges will be made for this (we have conducted installs from the northernmost tip of Scotland to the bottom edge of Cornwall).

Overnight accommodation for specialist skylight installation engineers will, on occasion, need to be factored into the cost depending on the distance and longevity of the skylight installation, with some complicated projects taking a few days to get the skylights installed. Bespoke transport will need to travel slowly when delivering up to 2 tonnes of glass!!

For most other skylight installations we have carried out, the prices ranged from £2000- £125,000 exc vat throughout the UK, and we are amazingly seeing more and more clients wanting our beautiful skylights, particularly extra large roo flights, as our Blade roof lights are without question the best quality and best-looking roo flights available in the industry.

Client Satisfaction

 We have achieved a 100% completion rate on all projects conducted with an almost perfect 5-star review rating online, not an easy task in this difficult industry!

Please take the time to read some of our reviews so you can understand how our past clients feel about our products and services so you can judge us before you choose to spend your hard earnt money with Ofset

Insurance-Backed Guarantee

We can now supply fully indemnified guarantees upon request. Thus in the event of company failure, you would still have a rock-solid warranty on your big bespoke Blade roof light. This, we feel, is critical for long-term peace of mind and a prerequisite when investing in these types of products.

Always check with other suppliers before investing your money that they can offer this level of protection; it would be crazy not to with current market trading volatility and many company failures sadly being experienced.

One of our biggest competitors (Sunsquare) has just failed, with many people losing their money and warranties. Please ask about our special insurance-backed warranties.

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