Frameless gable windows and frameless glass walls

Published: 26th January 2024

A design now getting more attention now are frameless windows.

Discrete aluminium section are used to create a structural frame which is often disguised with the clever use of plaster and external render and cladding, thus giving a ‘frameless’ appearance both inside and out.

Projects such as this will need to be site surveyed once built to make sure all measurements are accurate pre installation.

The glass panels can be in ‘multi section or ‘single panels’ for a unique and stunning look. No bulky aluminium or timber frames which is the norm for these type of windows, just a discreet minimal aesthetic.

Large frameless glass walls can also be created in this style as is being demanded more and more by architects and high end clients throughout the Uk.

Ofset have a wealth of experience with contemporary frameless structural glazing project for both for large frameless windows and frameless glass walls so you can be assured of the highest quality and premium bespoke glass specification all installed and project managed by your awesome ofset team.

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