What is the largest rooflight or biggest skylight size Ofset can supply and install?

Published: 24th September 2023

A guide to help design and buy large flat rooflights and how to design big-pitched skylights.

Ofset can design, manufacture and install almost any large rooflight you require. But obviously, there are certain limitations on sizes for buying extra large rooflight.

The largest glass panel you can buy in this country is 6000mm x 3200mm for large skylights. So yes this is the biggest skylight in ‘one piece’ you can buy.

It should be noted that when you get to these jumbo-sized rooflights the glass thickness is substantial, and thus costs more when designing and creating large rooflight costs.

Simple rule of thumb is the larger you make a ‘one piece’ jumbo-sized rooflight the more expensive it becomes at a cost per square metre. One would think the bigger you make a jumbo-sized skylight the cost per square metre should come down. But with extra large rooflights the bigger you make them the more expensive they become per square metre as the glass becomes thicker and thus pricier per square metre.

A way to reduce cost is to design a ‘multi section’ rooflight as in these types of designs we can use thinner glass for large bespoke rooflights which in turn brings the cost down, sometimes quite considerably. Large multi-piece rooflights often have glass 50% thinner, but they won’t be 50% cheaper as there are additional costs incurred for low iron glass beams to support the glass-to-glass joints which look lovely but have an ‘add-on’ cost too obviously.

Additionally, a multi-segment bespoke extra large rooflight also takes longer to fit as there is a lot of work involved in fitting multi-section large rooflight glass panels and glass beams, particularly when having to fit and seal all the joints and beams internally and externally.

We are happy to quote on both options large ‘one piece’ rooflights and also big ‘multi section’ rooflights.
In theory, you could make a large multi-section rooflight as big as you want as you would just continue adding roof panels. So 10-metre rooflights, 20-metre large skylights and even bigger can be achieved.

Please contact Ofset to discuss your extra large rooflight project today and we can begin your ‘bigger Blades’ rooflight journey.
Ofset are the #1 large rooflight specialist manufacturer and big skylights supplier in the UK and we are happy and proud to supply our amazing large Blade rooflights products throughout the UK!

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