Security and Acoustic glass for modern flat rooflights. The benefits.

Published: 8th April 2019

The Ofset Blade modern flat roof window is very highly specified as standard. The top pane of glass is up to 10mm of thick toughened glass panel which is stronger and thicker than any other product on the market, quiet and very difficult to break through. The bottom pane of glass is as standard 6mm toughened. However, if clients feel the need, we do offer glazing upgrades for those concerned about security or noise pollution.

If you are considering upgrading for security reasons, it should be noted that if someone is attempting a break in they will tend to go for the weakest element, which in most cases is a downstairs window which has thinner 4mm glass panels. If you still want to increase the security of your flat roof window, we offer the option to upgrade to ‘security laminated’. This replaces the 6mm bottom pane with 12.8mm toughened/laminated glass (8.8mm for Triple-K). This represents probably the most secure anti burglar glass in the industry. It must be noted that the glass used for the 12.8 laminated glass is two sheets of ‘toughened’ glass as opposed to two sheets of ‘annealed’ glass which is the industry norm. Additionally, it is two sheets of 6mm toughened glass bonded together with a PVB interlayer as opposed to two sheets of 3mm or 4mm annealed glass. This toughened/laminated glass is as strong as money can buy and is the best on the market.

Sound insulation is becoming a major issue these days particularly if you live in a ‘high noise’ environment. If your property is close to busy roads, schools, trains or aircraft traffic then excess noise can be a significant problem. Our standard Blade is already remarkably quiet with an extra-thick up to 10mm top glass pane. But if you want your rooflight system to perform even better from a noise reduction standpoint then ‘acoustic laminated’ should be your preference. This also replaces the 6mm bottom plan with 12.8mm toughened/laminated glass (8.8mm for Triple-K). The normal ‘security’ glass is brilliant at keeping unwanted noise out but the ‘acoustic glass’ is the best at doing this. Acoustic glass acts as a ‘security glass’ too.

Please cross reference the ‘Glass Specification’ document on the Blade Docs section of the website to study Db levels which show how well the units inhibit noise.