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Doctor John Ingle

Doctor John Ingle of Newquay, Cornwall  decided to build a rather delicious home at the bottom of their garden. And its not your average garden to say the least.

One of their ‘must haves’ was lots and lots of luscious light which included six rather large pitched jumbo sized bespoke rooflights.

Sounds simple, but apparently not.

Not many companies could give the Ingles exactly what they wanted which is ‘one piece’ extra large low lying rooflights and super energy efficient glazing with 0.8 whole frame U-Values.

Thankfully it was no problem for Ofset team at a price that was affordable for the client.

Day 1. The unglazed frames were fitted first. The rooflights were unglazed as they were too big and heavy to be glazed and sealed in the factory.

Day 2. All the team turned up bang on time on a blissfuly beautiful summers day for the glass fit. The Ofset project manager, fitters, crane, glass guys all ready to do their job.

As soon as the glass arrived the team jumped straight into action. The glass rooflight insulated units were one by one, craned onto the roof. Very slowly and carefully we might add!

Once all the insulated glass units had been craned onto the bespoke aluminium frames our fitters sealed up all six rooflights using Dow Corning structural glazing silicone. The best product in the business.

Final check and clean and the project is completed. On time and on budget. Clients were made up and so was the Ofset team.

If you need big beautiful oversized floating, frameless glass rooflights simply contact us info@ofset.co.uk for an amazing product and stunning service levels. We take great pride in our product with a very personal hands-on business philosophy.

Client review.

‘I am now age proud owner of six new blade rooflights in my new build. The purchase and installation have just about been the only parts of my build that have gone smoothly. I had a number of quotes before ordering but all the others failed to come up with the size and spec that I needed. I found communication was frequent and personal, and can thoroughly recommend this company.’ Dr J Ingle (Newquay, Cornwall)