Large rooflights for pitched roofs and big large sized skylights for pitched roofs

Published: 14th November 2023

Our stunning Blade rooflights can be fitted to pitched roofs in almost any size or shape imaginable. We have fitted many, many large frameless rooflights onto pitched roofs throughout the UK.

Our beautiful jumbo sized Blade rooflights can work with any roof type or angle. Blade rooflights can accommodate Zinc roofs, big and large rooflights for tiled roofs and in fact any type of roofing material available.

Upon enquiry we can discuss the size of the large Blade rooflight and the flashing detail for the rooflight by supplying bespoke drawings for clients and architects.

Giant rooflights for pitched rooflights can literally be any width you want and up to a maximum 6000mm deep. We can use multi panel bespoke Blade rooflights by joining multiple glass panels and then using structural glass beams to support the glass to glass joints.

Ofset will also do the complete job.

Design and technical drawings, manufacture, delivery, craning with specialist glass suckers and seal and bond on site.

Obviously these sort of large frameless skylights for pitched roofs have to be technically superior but we can provide full structural glazing calculations for clients before manufacture so we can work with clients/architects/builders to get the technical elements of these type of large pitched rooflights perfect.

If you are at planning stage or already have the apertures prepared simply contact Ofset to begin your pitched, frameless, large rooflight Ofset journey.

Any size- any colour, any shape anywhere


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