How Much Does It Cost To Install A Rooflight UK

Published: 12th January 2023

When it comes to installing a new roof light in your home, many different factors need to be taken into account when considering the overall cost. The UK is home to some of the best and most innovative energy-efficient roof light products on the market, with prices ranging anywhere from £900 – £2000, affordable to quite luxurious.   

Understanding the roof light cost and installation process will help you make the right decision that fits both your budget and building requirements.

This blog post will cover everything you need to know about roof light installation costs in the UK.

Type Of Roof Light You Would Like

The type of roof light you choose significantly impacts the overall installation cost. There are various types to consider when selecting a style of roof light, and each option has its own price range. Here are some common types of roof lights you can typically choose from.

Fixed Flat Rooflights

These are non-opening, fixed glass panels that add natural light without ventilation. They are typically more affordable compared to other types, as they have a more straightforward design and require less complex installation.

Opening Roof Lights

Also known as vented or operable roof lights, these can be opened manually or electronically to provide both natural light and ventilation. They tend to be more expensive than fixed roof lights due to their added functionality and more complex installation requirements.

Walk-On Roof Lights

Designed to be installed in areas where people walk or stand, walk-on roof lights are made from extra-strong, reinforced glass. They are generally more expensive than fixed or opening roof lights due to their specialised materials and additional structural support requirements.

Solar Control Roof Lights

Equipped with special coatings or glazing to regulate heat gain and loss, solar control roof lights can help improve energy efficiency within a building. As a result, they can be more expensive than standard roof lights but may lead to long-term energy savings.

Factory Standard Size Vs Bespoke Size

The roof light size is a significant factor that can impact the overall installation costs. When purchasing a roof light, opting for standard sizes may help you save a considerable amount of money compared to bespoke custom sizes.

Standard sizes are pre-manufactured and readily available, which makes them easier and cheaper to produce in large quantities. On the other hand, bespoke-sized roof windows require more time and effort in production, which results in higher manufacturing costs.

The Positioning Of Your Roof Light

If you’re considering adding a roof light to your home or building, it’s essential to know that the positioning of the roof light can affect the price difference.

A roof light that is positioned in a more accessible location, such as above a flat roof, will typically be less expensive to install than one that is placed above a pitched roof.

This is because the installation process for a pitched roof requires additional support and scaffolding, which can drive up the installation cost.

How Many Would You Want Installing?

When installing roof lights, your chosen quantity can significantly impact the cost. While opting for several smaller roof lights may give you more flexibility in placement and lighting control, investing in extra large roof light could save you money on installation and maintenance in the long run. 

Ready To Invest In A Roof Light?

The cost of installing a skylight in the UK will vary from one supplier to the next and is affected by factors such as the type of roof light you choose, its location, and who you hire to do the installation.

With careful consideration and choosing the right supplier or contractor, you can save a lot of money and time when installing a roof light. 

Get in contact with Ofset today, and we will make sure you have the best experience and price when installing your brand-new roof light in UK home.