Frameless roof glazing for side return extensions.

Published: 23rd November 2023

Glazed side return extension rooflights and roof glazing for side return extensions in London and throughout the UK.

Side return extensions continue to be an affordable route to increase the living area in predominantly Victorian properties.

With clever design, structural steels, home owners can utilise the ‘dead space’ as seen with most Victorian terraced properties by opening up their homes with modern inside/oustide designs.

Ofset can design, supply and install large glazed rooflights for side return extension.

We are happy to offer different types of rooflights and roof glass for side return extensions in London and side return glazing throughout most parts of the UK.

Potential clients just need to let us know how big your side return extension glass section is and we will be able to give you some PC figures so you know the financial implications for the cost of side return extension skylights. And once built we will come and ‘check measure’ before finally confirming accurate sizes for manufacture.

The rooflights for the side return extension can be fitted onto a flat roof (any length you want) or the rooflights can also be fitted onto a pitched roof. Additionally the side return rooflight can be all glass with super thin joints to seal the rooflight glazing for a cool, contemporary, minimalist look.

Ofset can also create side return glazing in multi sections supported by incredibly beautiful low iron glass beams or ‘box section’ aluminium roof beams too. Side return glazing can be ‘framed’ or ‘frameless’. The choice will be yours.

We can also do giant ‘one piece’ rooflights for the side return extension which will look unbelievable up to 6 metres long. No bars, no joints just a beautifully simple large frameless rooflight glass panel up to 6 metres long and up to 3 metres wide. Obviously a ‘one piece’ all glass rooflight for side return extensions has to be considerably thicker to allow for minimal deflection, wind and snow loadings to comply fully with building regulations.

So if you are looking for a stunning roof glazing design for your side return extension project contact Ofset today to begin a conversation about your amazing new side return roof glazing project.

Any design-any size-anywhere.


Your ofset journey is about to begin.