Don’t buy frameless rooflights!

Published: 29th November 2022

And why frameless rooflights actually need a frame.
A must-read for anyone looking to invest in new rooflights.

There has become an abundance of rooflight suppliers who now retail frameless rooflights. But please be careful as ‘frameless’ rooflights’ actually MUST have a frame. Makes no sense right?

We will explain why you shouldn’t get sucked into the price, price, price game.

A large number of companies are selling ‘stick on glass’ only rooflights being bought into the country from Turkey, China and other countries by the container load. These types of super cheap low-grade glass only frameless rooflights are then literally stuck onto a timber upstand with cheap silicone which in our opinion is a definite ‘no-no’! This often leads to product failure and leaking.

Quality rooflights simply must have an aluminium frame and ideally with a ‘thermal break’ embedded into the midsection of the aluminium frame. The thermal break is a piece of special plastic that helps prevent cold from coming in, and heat from escaping and also helps reduce condensation.

We retail ‘frameless rooflights’ but always, always with a strong and substantial box-section aluminium support frame. Once installed the client can plaster over the aluminium frame and because the glass oversails the aluminium frame it gives the appearance of looking ‘frameless’.

If a glass only rooflight is supplied that is literally stuck onto a timber upstand this can lead to failure due to the movement of the silicone and timber supports. And whilst you may have saved a few hundred pounds to buy the ‘stick-on, zero frames’ so-called rooflights it can be a poor purchase particularly if the no frame rooflight fails.

It is only after a year or two when issues will occur and the cheap no frame stick on rooflights of inferior quality will raise their ugly head. We are literally fitting new aluminium framed rooflights to replace the glass only stick on frameless rooflights every month. It really is a short term solution for your rooflight investment.

When considering new rooflights for your extension, new build or home renovation please please always purchase a ‘framed rooflight’ that gives you the appearance of looking ‘frameless’ from the inside.

All quality companies would never sell rooflights without an aluminium frame. If they were any good we would all be selling them but quality has been and always will be king and low-cost glass only cheap stick on rooflights should be avoided at all costs.

We are so confident about our beautiful Blade rooflights that we offer a ‘lifetime warranty’ on glass seals. If the product fails we replace it… Simple!!

Contact Ofset today to discover why our beautiful err ‘frameless’ rooflights will be the correct purchasing decision you can make, but always with a frame!