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why you should only invest in large rooflights from Ofset

Be careful which large rooflight you spend your hard earnt money on. Why you should only invest in large rooflights from Ofset. We have noticed a few other companies now also selling large rooflights and big skylights in the Uk. Worryingly they are only supplying 6mm glass on four, five and six-metre large one-piece rooflights often imported from Turkey and...

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Frameless roof glazing for side return extensions.

Glazed side return extension rooflights and roof glazing for side return extensions in London and throughout the UK. Side return extensions continue to be an affordable route to increase the living area in predominantly Victorian properties. With clever design, structural steels, home owners can utilise the ‘dead space’ as seen with most Victorian terraced properties by opening up their homes...

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Large rooflights for pitched roofs and big large sized skylights for pitched roofs

Our stunning Blade rooflights can be fitted to pitched roofs in almost any size or shape imaginable. We have fitted many, many large frameless rooflights onto pitched roofs throughout the UK. Our beautiful jumbo sized Blade rooflights can work with any roof type or angle. Blade rooflights can accommodate Zinc roofs, big and large rooflights for tiled roofs and in...

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Large Flat Rooflights Vs Roof Lanterns

A ‘must read’ for anyone looking for large span rooflights and big roof lanterns for home extensions. Understanding the cost of large ‘one-piece Blade rooflights’ vs ‘sticky uppy’ roof lanterns If a potential buyer is looking at large span all glass rooflights, such as lanterns the cost of these can be relatively cheap. The use of small panel sections, poor...

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What is the largest rooflight or biggest skylight size Ofset can supply and install?

A guide to help design and buy large flat rooflights and how to design big-pitched skylights. Ofset can design, manufacture and install almost any large rooflight you require. But obviously, there are certain limitations on sizes for buying extra large rooflight. The largest glass panel you can buy in this country is 6000mm x 3200mm for large skylights. So yes...

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Don’t buy frameless rooflights!

And why frameless rooflights actually need a frame. A must-read for anyone looking to invest in new rooflights. There has become an abundance of rooflight suppliers who now retail frameless rooflights. But please be careful as ‘frameless’ rooflights’ actually MUST have a frame. Makes no sense right? We will explain why you shouldn’t get sucked into the price, price, price...

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Why triple glazed rooflights should be avoided!

Sounds great doesn’t it, triple glazed rooflights! Great for energy efficiency, sound insulation etc etc. Unfortunately it’s not as simple as that. According to recent articles including from ‘Glass Times’ the industry’s leading trade journal, ‘Do a growing number of centre pane failures in triple glazed IGU’s (Insulated Glass Units) represent a ticking time bomb for the UK’s window industry’....

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