The Blade Vs The Competition Part 2

Continuing from our look at The Blade Vs other products

In our research on floating flat roof lights, we also noticed that pretty much all-natural light rooflights looked the same. Square-edged profiles or chamfered edge profiles with double or triple-glazed units within. Additionally, we noticed that many flat roof products didn’t contain ‘thermal breaks’, which we feel is a prerequisite for modern aluminium fixed flat rooflights to help reduce heat loss, thermal efficiency and condensation build-up.

Many suppliers, such as Glazing Vision, Eos rooflights literally do not have thermal breaks causing them to lack thermal performance. Additionally, such companies have a simple ‘L’ or ’T’ section aluminium support frame, whereas, in normal circumstances, we supply a full ‘box section’ 75mm support frame with an additional great-looking curved outer profile to improve the aesthetics of The Blade rooflight control unit while remaining under building regulations.

Obviously, to design and supply such a substantially framed product, there is clearly an ‘on-cost’.

The most expensive part of the Blade frameless flat rooflight is, without question, the insulated glass units. To have a ‘stepped’ floating infinity 10mm polished laminated glass top pane is obviously at cost price more expensive than a standard double-glazed or even triple-glazed, goes without saying.

Then there are ‘invisible’ features such as easy regular cleaning glass and heat soak tested glass which stops spontaneous breakage. We have thicker paint than any supplier, so your bespoke rooflights will stay colour fast for longer.

What’s more, when comparing products, some companies quote the ‘external product’ size and some the ‘internal hole in the roof’ size. Obviously, if a company is quoting the external size only, then their actual internal size is smaller, normally 150-200mm smaller than the external product size on average. Our beautiful London aluminium flat roof lights are 350mm bigger externally due to its unique 10mm polished edged toughened easy clean glass pane and luscious curved outer profile.

And then the offer which makes investing in Blade rooflights for your once-in-a-lifetime project a FREE insulated kerb worth up to £325 literally a no-brainer. The retail price for a Kingspan insulated kerb/upstand is £257, which effectively makes a 1000×1000 (1350×1350) Blade just £738. An utter and complete all-the-time no-brainer, we feel.

Another element that separates our natural light glass rooflights from the rest is down to our unique ‘no argument’ LIFETIME GUARANTEE. We give this safety guarantee in confidence as the lengths we have gone to make The Blade contemporary roof light almost fail-safe and reliable for decades to come. We expect a building failure rate of well under 1% of rooflights supplied, and we hope this gives clients confidence in the longevity and reliability of your frameless flat rooflight.

For further information, If you add all the positive product features about our made-to-measure rooflights, we are totally confident that our product offers the perfect solution to clients, the best value for money ‘package’ deal and product design flexibility and lighting in the country.