The Blade Vs The Competition Part 1

We compare the Blade architectural rooflight against some of our main competitors and is well worth a read if you are thinking about Blade buying!

When we specified and designed the Blade flat rooflight, the cost wasn’t our driving criteria. We operated on a ‘design first’ philosophy with our frameless flat glass rooflights designed for flat roofs.

Whilst price can play an important part in the ‘buying process’, we understood that if we were going to supply a roof flashing product that has this level of features and benefits for natural light, it would come at a certain price level. We feel that our London aluminium flat/ sloped roof lights are well worth the money. Thanks to its structural integrity, self-cleaning glass and a jaw-dropping amount of natural daylight, it can process for your flat roof.

Good design is good design when it comes to our floating rooflights

There are some good company flat rooflights out there selling some amazing functional flat roof windows and architectural rooflights for pitched roofs, but we felt there wasn’t one stand-out flat rooflight product.

For example, clients can purchase a 1000×1000 flat rooflight at prices from £500 up to literally £2945 (IQ glass) and even the £2945 flat rooflights is not a patch on ours and has to be fitted under building regulations by IQ glass at an extortionate fitting fee.

Approx. £3000 for delivery and installation. Pretty ridiculous price-wise for a pitched skylight, albeit they are an excellent company with a vast array of products.

We want you to buy our product, not someone else’s!

  • Our 1000×1000 hole in the roof size (1350×1350) rooflight comes in at £995 net of Vat (Thermally broken)
  • Glazing options 1000×1000 internal, (1200×1200) external is £949 (no thermal break)
  • Eos rooflights 1000×1000 £749 (no thermal break)
  • Sunsquare £970 (thermally broken)
  • Atlas £660 1000×1000 super cheap, but the main frame is plastic with aluminium capping.

And that’s not all, we have a simple installation that you’ll love

If we’ve not sold you on The Blade flat rooflight already for your contemporary flat roof extension, then perhaps the easy installation will seal the deal. Once you’ve designed and created your very own pitched rooflight via our online tool, our team of experts will take their time crafting your bespoke flat rooflight. From there, we’ll deliver it right to your door in as little as 30 days.