What are some of our most asked questions about our skylight windows for flat roofs?

If you’ve made it this far, then we hope by now you’re somewhat familiar with The Blade flat roof lights and everything it has to offer. However, you might have a few questions about our spectacular frameless flat rooflight, so below we’ve got some answers which we hope clears everything up. For the full list of FAQ’s, make sure to check out our page to find out more.


How strong is the Blade rooflight?

One of our most popular questions, we have great pleasure in saying that The Blade flat roof light is incredibly strong and is perfect for those needing natural light in their home. Our infinity top double-glazed glass pane is a substantial 10mm thick as opposed to other manufacturers who supply cheaper and weaker 4mm or 6mm clear toughened glass.

What’s more, our flat roof window’s aluminium frame is the strongest on the market, so you can rest easy knowing your flat glass rooflight is incredibly strong and is perfect for the natural sunlight to come through. By ‘double cleating’ all roof light corners, we use not only Dow Corning 121 fast cure commercial grade silicone sealant to bond the flat roof light glass into the roof lights frame but also use 3M VHB structural bonding tapes, which are also used to hold jet aeroplane metal panels in place.


Are Ofset rooflights eco-friendly?

In this modern world, we’re all looking at ways to be eco-conscious, and we certainly hope our roof lights fit the bill. To do our bit, we source all materials from England to limit emissions due to long-haul deliveries of flat roof skylights from abroad.


How does Ofset Blade compare price-wise with other flat roof lights?

Another great question, something that we’re happy to talk about. When we look at our dear competitors, yes, you may find a slightly cheaper price tag, but ask yourself why? We know that our flat skylights are not the cheapest out there, but that’s because we offer a design-led philosophy and emphasis on performance means we put the aesthetics and quality of the flat roof skylight first. We want to supply the best contemporary toughened low e-glass roof light in the business, not the lowest priced, so we’re happy to admit our prices aren’t the cheapest.


What about the installation?

Yet another fantastic element of The Blade is down to how easy the installation process is. We supply detailed fitting instructions for all our flat rooflights. Just download the ‘Blade Installation’ doc in the ‘blade docs’ section of our website, and you can have it done in as little as 30 minutes.