Ofset Blade Flat Rooflights vs Roof Lanterns

The name Roof Lantern evokes a sense of period and English excellence in design from a bygone era.

The name Roof Lantern evokes a sense of period and English excellence in design from a bygone era.

Orangeries have far more solid support walls than a conservatory and hold the heat better than a normal conservatory and stay warmer. You can have partially insulated walls and insulated flat roofs around the roof lantern. You can incorporate modern folding doors or sliding doors to give the room a feel of semi-modernity and improve the natural light intake.

Some of the latest Roof lights look reasonably cool.

But unfortunately, the designer is attempting to still create an orangery, but just a more modern looking. Sometimes the effect is quite successful visually, and sometimes it is not.

We seem to always be harkening back to a time long since passed. People are still adding Georgian bars, leads and leaded coloured top glass panels to their project design.

It really is time to move forward, and even the name ‘Roof Lights’ strikes us as a bit old-fashioned.

roof light

The design of these products needs a radical shake-up.

The business design of these products needs a radical shake-up by the team.

Ofset will be working on cooler-looking, energy-efficiency trapezoidal designs in the coming months as a more attractive and intelligent supply option. The expression ‘roof lantern ‘ sticks in our throats, so watch this space!

Current rooflights for customers can range from being pretty cheap, or quite expensive and obviously require a lot of energy to heat them.

Energy Efficient Flat Roof lights

Modern flat architectural roof lights are a more discreet form. And that’s the way the flat rooflights design has been going for the last few years in the UK. Products that have a complete minimal framework when viewed from both the inside and outside. Highly energy-efficient rooflight glazed value units with little or no glass-to-glass joining bars. And not ‘pointy sticky uppy’ roof lanterns which often measure to have a 40-degree pitch.

Good contemporary architects very rarely design orangeries in this modernist era. They prefer modern, highly thermally efficient contemporary flat roof extensions that keep the heat in or out accordingly and also the cold out of a property.

Discreet with design and very thermally efficient.

Roof lanterns can look distinctly conservatory-like. With squiggly bits at the apex for cosmetic manufacturer reasons.

We aim to be the very best mainland UK quality supplier for modernist, cutting-edge flat frameless bespoke roof lights that are minimal, discreet, and substantial in build quality with some awesome materials and roof glazing options available on our website, all while staying within building regulations.

They can be seen if you stand away from the flat roof or pitched extension, and they can be seen from windows on the first or second floor of your house.

Discreet and substantial

Choose wisely and design and request with freedom.

Innovating Roof Design: Flat Roof light by Ofset

In the world of architectural design, the traditional allure of Roof Lanterns is gradually making way for the sleek and energy-efficient offerings of modern flat rooflights. Ofset, a pioneering force in this evolution, is set to redefine the concept of roof lights with their cutting-edge designs.

The Evolution of Design: Ofset’s Trapezoidal Approach

While Roof Lanterns evoke a sense of period charm, Ofset is taking a bold step towards a cooler and more energy-efficient future. The team at Ofset is currently focused on trapezoidal designs, blending aesthetics with intelligence to offer a more attractive supply option. The term ‘roof lantern’ may seem old-fashioned, but Ofset is on a mission to transform the industry’s perception.

Discreet Elegance: The Rise of Flat Rooflights

Modern flat architectural roof lights have emerged as a discreet alternative to traditional Roof Lanterns. With minimal frameworks visible both inside and outside, these rooflights offer a contemporary aesthetic. Unlike ‘pointy sticky uppy’ roof lanterns, the flat rooflights boast a sleek and energy-efficient design, aligning with the preferences of contemporary architects.

Thermally Efficient Solutions: A Modernist Approach

Contemporary architects in the UK are increasingly favouring thermally efficient flat roof extensions over orangeries. The focus is on designs that effectively regulate temperature, keeping properties warm or cool as needed. Ofset stands at the forefront of this movement, providing discreet and substantial flat frameless bespoke roof lights that adhere to building regulations.

A Clear View: The Appeal of Frameless Rooflights

Unlike roof lanterns that may obstruct views, Ofset’s frameless handmade flat rooflights offer an unobstructed perspective. From the inside, there are no visible frameworks or contact joins, providing a clean and crisp look. Meanwhile, the exterior displays a touch of painted frame and frameless floating glazing, creating a cool and contemporary aesthetic.

Making Informed Choices: Designing with Freedom

In the realm of roof design, the choice between traditional Roof Lanterns and modern flat rooflights ultimately rests with the homeowner. Ofset encourages individuals to choose wisely, offering a range of materials and roof glazing options to suit various preferences.

Often roof lanterns obscure the view from a window, be it a bedroom or hallway.

And also, you see no framework or contact joins on a frameless handmade flat rooflight from Ofset from the inside and just a little bit of painted frame and frameless floating glazing from the outside so the look is clean, crisp, cool and contemporary.

Choose wisely, and design with intelligence.

Ultimately, it’s your choice.