Hand Made Rooflights

Complete your project with our handmade rooflights

So, you’ve meticulously planned every aspect of your bespoke rooflights project, but have you given due consideration to your options for natural light? If you’re looking for frameless flat roof windows that exude charm, creativity, and are tailored precisely to your specifications, including double and triple-glazed skylights and laminated glass, then you’ve landed on the ideal platform.

At Ofset Ltd, we are dedicated to crafting tailor-made rooflights tailored solutions that seamlessly blend functionality with innovative design. Unlike many other glass rooflight units in the market, our emphasis on custom rooflight design and overall product integrity is unparalleled. We take pride in producing top-notch, contemporary rooflights that are meticulously crafted to your exact requirements. Thanks to our design-centric approach, we deliver made-to-measure rooflights that stand head and shoulders above the competition.

Innovative Elegance: Unveiling ‘The Blade’

Allow us to introduce you to The Blade, a unique contender in the realm of bespoke rooflight options. The Blade boldly seeks attention, featuring a distinctive floating design crafted to enhance the ingress of natural light. The Blade’s insulated kerbs, structural aluminium frame, and silicone-sealed glazing unit are all backed by a lifetime guarantee.

Furthermore, its straightforward installation, taking approximately 30 minutes, ensures that, when following our installation guides, the units remain impervious to leaks, mists, and kerb warping. And in the unlikely event of a failure, we’ll promptly replace it without any hassle.

Learn more about Bladeology

In keeping with our commitment to transparency, we present all the details for your consideration. While The Blade undoubtedly speaks for itself, here are the key factors that contribute to its excellence:

  • Crafted with Argon or Krypton gas
  • Curved profile
  • 80 microns coastal quality paint
  • Easy clean coating
  • Fully thermal broken
  • 8 Ud-value for the whole product
  • 10mm super-strong polished edge glass
  • Heat-soaked glass to prevent breakage due to natural daylight

Discover Bespoke Brilliance

Elevate your home or commercial property with our bespoke rooflights, meticulously fashioned to perfection. Explore the brilliance of custom rooflights, offering a captivating blend of aesthetics and functionality.

The Blade: Harnessing more Natural Light

Distinctive Design for Maximum Impact

Introducing The Blade, a revolutionary bespoke rooflight that redefines the meaning of sophistication. Its unique floating design not only captures attention but also allows the infusion of natural light, transforming your space into a luminous haven.

Unrivaled Quality, Guaranteed for Life

Craftsmanship Beyond Compare

At Ofset Ltd, we take pride in our commitment to quality. The Blade comes with a lifetime guarantee, ensuring enduring excellence. From insulated kerbs to a robust structural aluminium frame, each element is designed to stand the test of time.

Key Features: Unveiling Excellence

The Blade is more than just a rooflight; it’s a testament to precision. Infused with Argon or Krypton gas, a curved profile, coastal-quality paint, and a host of features, including easy-clean coating and heat-soaked glass to prevent breakage through natural daylight.

Illuminate Your Space, Seamlessly

Visit our website to explore in-depth details on The Blade’s manufacturing process, installation guides, and utilize our user-friendly tool for designing your tailor-made rooflights. For queries or expert advice, reach out via our contact form, and let natural light redefine your living spaces.

The Blade – Skylights Redefining Design

Illuminate your space with our custom rooflights, handcrafted to perfection. Our custom rooflights redefine design possibilities, offering a seamless blend of functionality and innovation. The Blade, a standout in bespoke rooflight design skylights options, boasts a distinctive floating design to maximize natural light. Its lifetime-guaranteed features, such as insulated kerbs and a structural aluminium frame, ensure enduring quality. Discover the Blade’s excellence—crafted with precision, easy to install, and designed to capture attention while bringing the beauty of natural light into your surroundings.

On our website, we have an abundance of information on The manufactured Blade, documents on the installation process and a simple tool to help you design your made-to-measure rooflights. Customers can speak to our team with us about any questions or to get some advice, the perfect solution is to reach out to us via the contact form, and we’ll get right back to you.