Flat Roof Skylights

Don’t settle for second best when looking for flat-roof skylights

When you’re considering your natural light options for your flat roof windows skylights, it’s wise to think ahead about what sort of atmosphere you want to create. If you’re someone who likes minimalist design but still wants to keep an air of sophistication, then this appearance can be largely helped by our stunning bespoke frameless flat roof lights.

The Blade speaks for itself

And it shows. We are proud to have been part of numerous projects in and around the UK for many years, and we never compromise on the high level of flat roof light services we give to each and every one of our clients.

We have experience working with flat rooflight designers, architects, contractors and builders. We are confident that The Blade flat rooflight will work incredibly well for your self-build project or renovation flat roofs.

By choosing The Blade for your bespoke roof light, you are choosing a company that puts itself at the very top end of the flat roof skylight marketplace. Having a background in flat roof lighting, we saw a gap in the market for state-of-the-art flat skylights that has never been done before.

We didn’t want to create standard flat roof lanterns that last a few years and taint the beauty of the interior. Instead, we wanted to give something that would last a lifetime, and The Blade does exactly that.

Elevate Your Space with Frameless Elegance

When it comes to enhancing your living or working environment with abundant natural light, settling for anything less than the best is not an option. Our bespoke frameless flat roof lights redefine the paradigm of flat roof skylights, creating an atmosphere that seamlessly blends minimalist design with an air of sophistication.

The Blade: A Testament to Excellence

Our track record speaks volumes, with The Blade being an integral part of numerous projects across the UK. Our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional flat roof light services is evident in every project we undertake. Collaborating with flat rooflight designers, architects, contractors, and builders, The Blade has proven its efficacy in both self-build projects and renovation of flat roofs.

Setting a New Standard in Flat Roof Skylights

Positioning ourselves at the pinnacle of the flat roof skylight marketplace, we identified a void in the market for cutting-edge flat skylights that transcend the ordinary. The Blade is not just a product; it’s a testament to longevity, eschewing the transient nature of standard flat roof lanterns to offer an enduring aesthetic for a lifetime.

Unparalleled Design, Unmatched Flexibility

While we acknowledge that we may not be the most budget-friendly option, our price tag is a reflection of the unparalleled product that is The Blade. Crafted as a double-glazed or triple-glazed masterpiece, its distinctive floating design invites more natural sunlight, making it the ideal choice for those who appreciate minimalist design.

One of the standout features of The Blade lies in its flexibility. From frame color to border customization, grey-tinted glass to toughened low-e glass, every aspect can be tailored to your unique preferences. When you invest in The Blade, you invest in a bespoke product that leaves no room for compromise.

Bespoke Brilliance: A Design-First Philosophy

Our passion lies in adopting a flat glass design-first philosophy, ensuring that every rooflight we offer stands out in its field. To explore the possibilities of transforming your space with our bespoke flat glass rooflights, reach out to us. Whether by phone at 0845 2068343 or through the form on our website, we eagerly await the opportunity to discuss how The Blade can elevate your living or working environment.

Now, we’ll hold our hands up and admit that we’re not the cheapest option out there, but with our price tag comes a truly outstanding product which is like nothing else out there.

The Blade is a double-glazed or triple-glazed design to catch attention and get people talking and offers a distinctive floating design which allows natural sunlight to flow through. It is ideal for the person who loves minimalist design.

Amongst all the reasons for The Blade being in a league of its own, one of the most important factors is down to how flexible our rooflights can be. You can play around with everything from the frame colour and the border to the grey tint glass and toughened low e glass, and more so, you’re investing in a bespoke product that doesn’t take any prisoners.

We are passionate about having a flat glass design-first philosophy so we can provide roof-covering results like nobody else in our field. To get in touch with us about moving forward with our bespoke flat glass rooflights, we would like to hear from you. Just give us a call on 0845 2068343 or fill out the form on our website with your details, and we’ll get right back to you.