Flat Roof Extensions

Choose us when looking at your lighting options for your flat top roof deck and extension.

Opting to go for a flat roofs extension your house is one thing, but the natural light you choose is another ballpark. You’ll no doubt want the best value for money, but if you want high-quality roof windows that go above and beyond any other product out there while still being within reason of building regulations, then you’ve come to the right place.

Here at Ofset Ltd we are proud to introduce to you The Blade. Unlike any other product out there for flat roofing, we place ourselves at the very top of the bespoke rooflight industry and below are all the benefits of why so many people choose us for their home extension living room space.

Long-term reliability and almost zero chance of leaks

When we talk about normal double or triple-glazed sealed flat pitched roof extension lights, these are joined together by a rubber compound (Butyl) which is normally hidden by a window or door which protects it from UV. However, modern manufacturing glazing techniques such as the “spacer bar” is often exposed, which means it’s at risk of UV degradation and thermal efficiency. In these instances, Butyl isn’t recommended, and instead, we use commercial Dow Corning 3363 structural glazing silicone. This fantastic compound performs incredibly well in extreme environments remaining energy efficient for modern flat roof extensions, with just a 0.2% failure rate over 25 years.

Extra clear glass

Manufacturers have been working hard for years to try and get the iron content out of the glass. Now we’re seeing major suppliers such as Saint Gobain, Guardian & Pilkington’s offer extra clear glass, which gives a much more neutral glass colour for your new extension.

Heat soak tested

There’s always a small chance that the glass will break spontaneously through heat stress, so we work hard to ensure the glass is heat soak tested. When glass becomes hot due to natural light/internal heat of warm roofs, the stones within the drink (called Nickel Sulphide stones) can expand and break. To avoid this, companies with integrity can specify heat soak-tested glass in which they put the glass in a heat soak-testing oven and put it under immense heat.

Craftsmanship Redefined: Elevating Flat Roof Designs

Choosing the right roof windows is pivotal in shaping the character of your flat roof extension. At Ofset Ltd, we introduce The Blade—a paradigm shift in bespoke rooflights that redefines the possibilities for flat roof living spaces. Explore the distinctive features that position us as the leading choice for those seeking innovation and excellence in home extensions.

Choosing Natural Light Wisely

Embarking on a flat roofs extension journey demands meticulous consideration, especially when it comes to selecting the right source of natural light. At Ofset Ltd, we understand the significance of both value for money and adherence to building regulations. Our premier pitched roof top product, The Blade, stands unrivaled in the bespoke rooflight industry for flat roofing solutions.

Unmatched Reliability and Leak Prevention

Unlike conventional double or triple-glazed sealed flat roof lights, The Blade sets itself apart with long-term reliability and virtually zero chance of leaks. While typical green roof top products use Butyl, susceptible to UV degradation, we employ commercial Dow Corning 3363 structural glazing silicone. With a remarkable 0.2% failure rate over 25 years, our rooflights assure enduring performance in diverse environmental conditions.

Rigorous Testing for Unwavering Durability

Ensuring the durability of materials in your flat roof extension involves addressing potential risks comprehensively. The Blade undergoes meticulous heat soak testing to mitigate the possibility of spontaneous glass breakage due to heat stress. By subjecting the glass to extreme heat conditions, we safeguard against expansion in Nickel Sulphide stones, guaranteeing a resilient and enduring product that stands up to the challenges of time.

Crystal-Clear Perspectives

Experience the difference with extra clear glass. Most glass exhibits a green tint due to iron oxide content, but our commitment to quality shines through with suppliers like Saint Gobain, Guardian, and Pilkington’s extra clear glass. This innovation delivers a neutral glass color, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your new extension.

Rigorous Heat Soak Testing

To mitigate the risk of spontaneous glass breakage from heat stress, The Blade roof structure undergoes rigorous heat soak testing. Our commitment to integrity ensures that stones within the glass, known as Nickel Sulphide stones, are subjected to immense heat, preventing expansion and breakage. This meticulous process guarantees the resilience of our rooflights under the influence of natural light and internal heat.

Crystal Clarity: Extra Clear Glass Innovation

Elevate the aesthetic appeal of your extension with The Blade’s use of extra clear glass. Say goodbye to the green tint associated with conventional glass, as major suppliers such as Saint Gobain, Guardian, and Pilkington’s offer a neutral glass colour for your flat roof. Immerse your living space and garden in natural light without compromising on visual clarity.

Unveiling The Blade: Dive Deeper into Excellence

Explore the intricacies of our pitched roof extensions with The Blade on our website, where a wealth of information awaits. Delve into comprehensive documents outlining the seamless installation process, and utilise our intuitive design tool to customise your made-to-measure rooflights. For any inquiries or expert advice, our responsive team is just a message away. Reach out via our contact form, and let us guide you towards an illuminated and sophisticated flat roof extension experience with The Blade by Ofset Ltd.

On our website, we have an abundance of information on The Blade, documents on the installation process and a simple tool to help you design and install your made-to-measure rooflights. To speak to us about any questions or get some advice, reach out via the contact form, and we’ll get right back to you.