Flat Glass Rooflights

Choose us when looking to invest in flat glass rooflights for your self-build

Now that you’ve got your self-build in the creation stage, it’s vital to consider your lighting options. You won’t want to invest money in your extension’s flat roofs only for the lighting to let it down, so it’s essential to get your thinking cap on what you want when it comes to lighting.

Do you want a modern flat rooflight glass that is easy to maintain natural sunlight? Perhaps you’re going for the minimalistic flat roof windows design and want something that looks as though its roof covering is floating.

If you want high-quality craftsmanship that comes with endless benefits and support from flat roof windows rooflight suppliers that are at the top end in their field when it comes to double-glazed and triple-glazed rooflights, then you’ve come to the right place. Unlike our competitors, our architectural flat roof skylights offer an intelligent design and gives you full control over the design and natural light intake so you get the product you need.

We are the leading company in our industry, and it shows

Thanks to our forward-thinking attitude and in-depth knowledge of architectural roof lights, we are one of the most trusted and reliable companies in the roof light market to choose from when looking for flat glass rooflight suppliers.

We have absolute confidence in The Blade Lite Rooflight, and whilst our guarantees may vary according to the product, we guarantee our double-glazed units for life. If a sealed visible glass unit fails (mists up), we’ll supply a new clear, toughened glass unit free of charge. Our powder coating is guaranteed for 20 years, and the structural integrity of the frames is for life, so what’s not to love?

And that’s not all

By choosing The Blade, you’re giving yourself a chance to play around with it however you see fit. Our online tool allows you to create your very own unique architectural flat skylights, adding anything from grey tint glass and toughened low e-glass to double-glazed and even triple-glazed so you can stick to your budget and get the exact product you need.

Whilst we leave it to you, we’ll be happy to help if you need any inspiration or advice, so make sure to reach out to us.

On our website, we have plenty of information on The Blade, documents on the installation process and a simple tool to help you design your made-to-measure rooflights. To speak to us about any questions or to get some advice, reach out to us via the contact form, and we’ll get right back to you.