Bespoke Rooflights by Ofset

We understand that no two buildings are the same, so we offer a comprehensive range of bespoke rooflights to complement any architectural style. Our experienced team of architects and engineers are dedicated to helping you achieve your vision while following building regulations, whether working on a residential, commercial, or public project. From concept to installation, we work closely with our clients to create a range of unique, high-quality rooflights tailored to their requirements.

How do you know if you need Bespoke Rooflights

There are a few signs that indicate that you might need bespoke rooflights. Here are some situations where bespoke rooflights could be the right choice:

  1. Your project requires a non-standard roof opening size or shape – if your project involves a unique or complex roof shape, rooflights can be tailored to fit any opening shape and size.
  2. You have specific requirements for thermal, heat loss, or u-value performance or sound insulation. If you need to achieve specific thermal or acoustic insulation values, an ideal choice would be a bespoke rooflight, which can be designed to meet your exact requirements.
  3. You want a rooflight that complements your building design – a bespoke rooflights frame or ral colour can be tailored to your specific design requirements, ensuring that your rooflight complements your building design perfectly.
  4. You need a rooflight that fits a particular location – if your rooflight needs to be installed in a specific location, such as a tight or awkward space to allow more natural light, a rooflight can be designed to fit the space.
  5. If any of these situations apply to your project, it’s worth considering installing rooflights in your room to ensure that you get the best possible benefits and solutions for your needs.

Design your bespoke rooflight with us, and we’ll do the rest!

That’s right! When you choose to work with Ofset Ltd, you allow your team and yourself to have creative freedom over your made-to-measure flat roofs and rooflight design. Forget compromising or settling for second best; with The Blade, you don’t have to worry about a thing because you have complete control.

Here at Ofset Ltd, we understand that every rooflight is unique, and that’s why we offer a custom rooflights design service to help bring your ideas on-site to life. Whether you have a specific rooflight design in mind or need guidance on creating a custom rooflight solution that meets your requirements, our expert team of experienced in-house CAD designers are here to help. The vision is to develop new and contemporary rooflights made from the highest quality materials and offer functionality, quality and efficiency overall. We offer a bespoke service so you can get the exact product you want, and we’re always happy to discuss the details with you should you need any advice.

We put the look & structural integrity of our product at the absolute top of our priorities.

We offer years of experience in engineering, and glass manufacturing, double glazing and construction. Due to this and our involvement in various architectural projects, we saw a gap in the market for roof light products. Our commitment extends beyond mere transformation; it encompasses the seamless integration of modern aesthetics while retaining traditional features. We place ourselves at the top of the sunlight roof window marketplace and our customers we go into every project with a design-first philosophy, ready to transform your home or commercial property and give it all the natural light the sun can give.

Our tech docs make installation simple and easy

Whilst we’re taking our time crafting your very own custom rooflights, why not take a look at our tech docs? The beauty of The Blade is that it’s simple and easy to install; all we ask is that you follow the instructions for a safe and secure fitting.

We’ve made all our six roof tech docs accessible on our website, with each of them designed to give you all the information you need to design team install your flat roof skylight with ease.

Thanks to our easily accessible tech docs, you’ll have all the information you need to install your high-specification rooflights easily.

We have tech docs on the following:

  • Blade brochure
  • Glass specifications
  • Blade technical specifications
  • Kerb installation
  • Delivery & lifting
  • Sizes, weights & design tolerances, positioning
  • Blade maintenance
  • Many more…

Get in touch with our specialist team to discuss your new skylights requirements

We would like to hear from you if you want to get incredible value for money on the cost of our installation of custom roof lights. Contact us by calling on 0845 2068343 or fill out the form on our website with your details, and we’ll get right back to you.