High-quality architectural rooflights

Architectural rooflights are skylights that are designed to be integrated into a building’s architectural design. These rooflights not only provide natural daylight to the building’s interior but also add an aesthetically pleasing feature to the structure. Architectural roof lights come in various sizes, shapes and designs to fit the specific requirements of a building. They are usually made of high-quality materials to provide thermal insulation and energy efficiency while still allowing maximum natural light to enter the building. In summary, architectural rooflights not only enhance the look of living spaces but also provide the perfect solution for energy efficiency and natural lighting.

If you’re considering a modern extension, you’ll want your lighting to match your design. You won’t want some boring, standard lighting that doesn’t highlight all the hard work you’ve put into the design and build. Instead, you’ll want something sleek, modern and high-end to help complete the look.

What options are available?

Architectural rooflights come in various options to suit different needs and preferences. Some of the most common options in the manufacturing process include:

  1. Fixed rooflights – These are stationary roof windows that do not open or close. They are typically used to provide natural light and enhance the aesthetic appeal of an architect’s building.
  2. Opening rooflights – These are rooflights that can be manually or electronically opened and closed. They provide a range of ventilation and allow fresh air to circulate into the space of the building.
  3. Walk-on rooflights – These are designed to be strong and durable enough to withstand foot traffic. They are commonly installed in areas where roof access is required, such as roof terraces or balconies.
  4. Modular rooflights – These are made up of multiple smaller units that can be combined to create a larger rooflight. They offer greater flexibility in terms of design and value and can be used to create more complex shapes and sizes.
  5. Bespoke rooflights – These custom-made projects are made to fit specific requirements and design preferences. They offer the most flexibility in terms of design and can be tailored to fit unique housebuilding structures and shapes.
  6. Overall, the choice of architectural rooflight option will depend on the specific needs and requirements of the building project.

Could the Blade Lite Rooflight be the right choice for your next project?

When we talk about rooflights for house extensions, it’s safe to say there are plenty of options out there. There are your cheap options, your expensive options and your safe options. But what about us? Where does Ofset Ltd fit in?

We like to think we’re in our league with The Blade. Offering something radical and unique, The Blade is an enigma thanks to its incredible bespoke design. Unlike our dear competitors, we know we’re not the cheapest option, but our offer is worth the investment.

If you’re looking for architectural rooflights that are sleek, modern, and high-end, you’ve come to the right place. We offer The Blade, a unique and revolutionary rooflight that will meet all your needs.

  • Made right here in the UK
  • Unrivalled thermal glazing performance with the lowest U-values available
  • Industry-first comprehensive lifetime guarantee
  • Heat soak-tested glass helps prevent spontaneous breakage
  • Coastal grade 80 microns paint on frames to help prevent corrosion and colour loss
  • ‘Easy clean’ glass coating for minimal maintenance and clear, clean rooflights


Now, that’s just the tip of the iceberg when discussing The Blade. What’s important to bear in mind with our product is that you get to create it yourself. Forget sticking to specific requirements or making compromises. Instead, our team will work with you so you can get the exact product you want.

By using our online tool, you can play around with our rooflight range so you get the made-to-measure rooflight that you need for your room’s vision. So, to go ahead and use our Bladebuilder or to find out anything else that we haven’t already covered, feel free to browse through our website.

You’ll find we have plenty of information on FAQ’s, informative videos as well as tech docs which will guide you every step of the way from conception to installation. If you would like to speak to the team and benefit from our years of experience in sky-view rooflights, we’re always happy to chat.