5 Benefits of Large Skylights in Modern Architecture

Published: 30th March 2023


When it comes to modern architectural design, there’s no denying the beauty and sophistication of large skylights built into a flat roof.

Not only do they add a unique and visually-appealing feature to any building, but they also offer several benefits that make a roof light an ideal choice for contemporary homes.

Let’s explore five reasons why large skylights should be at the top of your list when considering architectural features for your home. 


Natural Light

There is no such thing as too much light when it comes to large skylights!

Skylights are the perfect way to let natural light into your home without sacrificing privacy or security. They provide a bright, airy, inviting, calming atmosphere while still allowing you to maintain complete control over who can see inside your home.

Unlike artificial light, With large skylights, you get more natural light through an opening skylight than your standard smaller roof windows, making them perfect for dark corners or rooms without adequate natural daylight exposure. 

Increased Ventilation

Increased ventilation is one of the many benefits of incorporating high-quality skylights into modern architecture. Skylights allow fresh air to circulate the home more freely, which helps keep pests away and has health benefits.

For example, improved ventilation may reduce respiratory symptoms such as coughing or difficulty breathing. Additionally, better circulation reduces trapped moisture and limits mould growth, creating a healthier space for occupants.


Aesthetic Appeal

Large skylights give any room a touch of elegance and style that cannot be achieved with a traditional roof window or doors alone.

Whether you choose a classic dome shape similar to a roof lantern or go for something more modern, like an angled window design, large skylights with solar control glass are sure to impress anyone who visits your home.

With their stunning beauty, dramatic lighting and sophisticated charm, what’s there not to love?


Cost Savings

Installing large skylights can save you money in the long run due to reduced energy costs associated with running artificial lighting in your home throughout the day and night.

Since natural sunlight is free, using roof lights instead of lamps or ceiling fixtures will drastically reduce your daily electricity, translating into lower monthly bills! 

Plus, large skylights will keep energy costs down since you won’t have to rely on air conditioning as much during the warmer months if you have ample natural ventilation from the skylight above. 

Value Increase

Large skylights can be a stunning and beautiful addition to any modern home. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing and come with multiple benefits, but they also have the added benefit of increasing a property’s overall worth, making the cost of installing one worth it.

The calming and airy atmosphere these large skylights provide is priceless and can help improve the market value of a property. As potential buyers walk through one of these homes, they will immediately feel drawn to its beauty. 

Large skylights add an eye-catching element that few other architectural features can provide, making them an excellent investment for those looking to make their home stand out above the competition when it comes time to sell.


What Have We Learned

Large skylights are beautiful additions that enhance the contemporary architecture and offer numerous practical benefits, including improved ventilation, increased architectural value, cost savings on energy bills, aesthetic appeal, and plenty of natural lighting options. All make them worthwhile investments for homeowners looking for ways to spruce up their homes while still staying within budget!


If you’ve been considering adding some new features to your home’s interior design scheme, don’t hesitate; to consider getting in touch with a qualified team to install some large skylights!